Founded in 2010 by a group of young, creative minds working towards a higher standard of art and media in Maldives. Even though Madhoship was only a Brand then, the team developed a lot of skills, working on different type of projects including short films, TV adverts, documentaries and music videos before officially becoming a Company in 2013.

It is the vision of the Company to 'raise the bar' of the creative industry of the country through collaboration and sharing of knowledge. Hence, the Company works in collaboration with different artists on various projects. Madhoship has worked on advertising campaigns for high profile clients including Ooredoo, Bank of Maldives and UNDP.

In 2014 Madhoship formed its creative collective to develop and produce narrative films with the intention of producing socially conscious and topical films. Since then, Madhoship has developed and produced two short films, which has been recognised and praised by major industry talents.




Arif developed his passion for art when he was in school. Ever since he saw the original Star Wars movie, he grew a love for visual effects. He always had an interest in creating cool devices from found objects. Even with the inspiration to learn more on the subject, with limited resources there was no way to pursue it at that time.

After completing his BSc (Hons) Computer Science, Staffordshire University he joined THINK Advertising and multi tasked as a designer/animator/VFX artist/Colorist and Compositor and move on to become the Head of their Creative Studio. He worked at THINK advertising for 7 years, working on various projects for such clients as Wataniya, Allied Insurance, MWSC, STO, Dhiraagu and many others, moved on to start his own production house Madhoship. During its first year with Arif as a CEO, Madhoship has become one of the most sort after creative studios in Maldives, with major clients like Ooredhoo, Unicef, UNDP.

Other than the overall management of Madhoship, Arif follows his passion for filmmaking and storytelling by nurturing and developing new talent through a newly formed filmmaking wing of Madhoship. Balhindhu is his second such venture for him.

Shamin Nizam (CCO)

Shamin Nizam, started out making music videos while he was in high school with his classmates. As his love for storytelling and filmmaking grew, Shamin decided to follow up his higher education and acquired a BA in Creative Multimedia in Kuala Lumpur. Since then, as his dedication to the art form grew, he has obtained a vast knowledge of evolving filmmaking technology and photography.

Shamin is also a co-founder of Madhoship along with Arif. Through Madhoship Shamin has been able to build a creative team thats highly regarded in the Maldivian creative industry and most importantly he has become one of the highly sort after DPs in the Maldives.

Currently he is working in the TV commercial and advertising industry while developing his own films. Currently he is working in the TV commercial and advertising industry while developing his own films.


Abdulla Alfaf Shakir (SounD)

Commonly known as Alfa, he always had a passion for music and film. While studying BSc in Marketing at INTI College Malaysia, Alfa collaborated with Madhoship on many projects.

Alfa joined Madhoship officially during the start of the company and with his knowledge in marketing he works as the intermediary between the Company and its clients. He also plays the role of an Assistant Director and composes scores for many projects. Other than his love for film, he is also a voice artist and the vocalist for various bands. He also won the title of Best Vocalist at a Battle of Bands competition held in Malaysia.

Prior to Madhoship, he worked at Wataniya as a Customer Relation’s Officer and at the Tourism Ministry as a Program Officer.

Ahmed Imad (ECD)

Diploma In Animation, ARENA, Bangalore Ahmed Imad, most commonly known as Dami, is a natural born artist. He discovered his drawing and painting skills when he was just a kid.

After completing school, he started his career as a Graphic designer and worked at such places like CGC and SHE. He has done a lot of graphic work from logo development to corporate branding for many established clients.

He then took his skills to the next level and began exploring the world of animation developing skills in 3D modelling, rendering and animation. Prior to Madhoship, he worked as a Designer and animator at THINK Advertising for 7 years. During this time he has developed concepts and produced many beautiful animations both in 2D and 3D for clients such as Dhiraagu, MWSC and MBC to name a few. At Madhoship Dami plays the role of Head of Animation and as a CG artist. Whenever he is not working on a project he experiments with new technology and new techniques.